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The site Renon-Greenwood (elevation about 1735 m asl) is located in northeast Italy, on the southern side of the Alps at a distance of 12.2 km north-northeast from the town of Bolzano. The site is placed on a porphyric plateau that is part of the irregular slopes between the wide Isarco river valley and the narrow and steep Sarentino river. The long term monitoring site consists of two plots: a forest stand and an open-field area. Forest stand area Intensive ecosystem studies were started in 1992 according to ICP-IM and ICP-Forests protocols as well to the EU Reg. 3528/1986 to point out changes in forest normality as consequences from man-induced factors, air pollution and climate change. Since 1997 the Forest Department established an eddy covariance station in order to monitor continuously the Carbon - Water Vapour - Energy fluxes and balance. Open-field area On this area some anthropogenous air-pollutants were monitored at an air-measuring station since 1989 : nitrogen oxides (NOx, NO, NO2), ozone (O3), bulk and wet depositions, precipitations quality, further radioactivity and the main meteorological indices according to international protocols.



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