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Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Conservation Areas (CSZ) on Italian territory updated in June 2017. The Community Importance Site (SCI) and the Special Conservation Area (CSZ) are concepts defined by Community Directive no. 43 of 21 May 1992, (92/43/EEC), also known as the Habitat Directive, and transposed into Italy in 1997. The Directive concerns the conservation of natural and semi-natural habitats and of wild flora and fauna. Special Protective Zones (SPA), in Italy, pursuant to art. 1 paragraph 5 of Law No. 157/1992 are protected areas along the migratory routes of avifauna, aimed at the maintenance and accommodation of suitable habitats for the conservation and management of populations of migratory wild birds. The associated table contains a set of information including code, naming, surface, perimeter, and region belonging to each zone.
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