CORINE land cover (2012)

Basic Information
The CORINE (COoRdination de l'INformation sur l'Environnement) Land Cover (CLC) is one of the datasets produced under the initial land monitoring operations of the Copernicus program (the European Earth Observation Program previously known as GMES). The CLC provides coherent information on land cover and land-based change across Europe. This inventory was started in 1985 (1990 reference year) and created a land cover time series with updates in 2000, 2006 and 2012, last update. CLC products come from a photo-interpretation work of satellite imagery involving the teams of each Member State of the European Environment Agency and the cooperating countries. The production process followed a standard methodology and nomenclature with the following basic parameters: Corine nomenclature with three hierarchical levels and 44 classes; Minimum mapping unit (MMU) of 25 hectares; The minimum width of the linear elements is 100 meters. National inventories of land cover derived from this work were subsequently integrated by creating a map of continuous land cover across Europe.
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