Ammonium in LTER-Europe research site: Lake Paione Superiore (1984-2013)

Basic Information
Dataset provides information about nitrogen as ammonium (N-NH4 in µg L-1) in Lake Paione Superiore (LPS) at different layer depths along the water column collected at least twice per year (late summer/autumn) within the period 1984-2013.
Lake Paione Superiore is a high altitude Alpine lake, located at 2269 m a.s.l. in the Bognanco Valley, Piedmont Region, Italy. It has a surface area of 0.68 ha and a maximum depth of 11.5 m. The Lake is included in the monitoring sites of the UN-ECE Program ICP WATERS (International Cooperative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Acidification of Rivers and Lakes) funded by Italian Ministry of the Environment.
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