Secondary producers: Fish Biomass at Doñana LTSER Platform (2012)

Basic Information
To achieve the objectives of this monitoring using light Anguilera and in order to obtain a wider range of size in fish catches. Are placed pots anguileras 2 to 5 depending on the dimensions of the station, the technical criterion and if the depth of the station permits, since by design require between 20 and 30 cm minimum depth for proper installation . Pots are preferably installed with a minimum of 15 meters apart. The deaths of pots point to the shore, and in the streams and creeks with current input to death is oriented counter to facilitate the entry of fish. It must ensure that traps are not completely sunk in the water to prevent drowning of other wildlife that can get caught in the trap. Also placed five shrimp pots of light, near-shore and far between around 10 meters, with the deaths to the center of the lagoon, from ingress completely covered by water. After about 24 hours, their extraction, pouring its contents into bowls or baskets with water, which is separated from the individuals counting them and weighing them by species.
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