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The Austrian Society for Long-Term Ecological Research - LTER-Austria - was founded in 2002. Since then, Austria has made a significant contribution to the international LTER process. LTER-Austria sees itself as representing the interests of long-term ecological und socio-ecological research. To some extent it also covers the research focus of the Critical Zone concept. All the key relevant institutions and infrastructure organisations are represented in LTER-Austria. LTER-Austria is a non-profit association according to Austrian law aiming at the advancement of science and infrastructure in the domain of ecological long-term research with special regard to the framework of the European Research Area and the global LTER network.


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Research Topics
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ecology Researched by 24 sites
meteorology Researched by 21 sites
biology Researched by 20 sites
chemistry Researched by 17 sites
terrestrial ecology Researched by 16 sites
hydrology Researched by 15 sites
environmental science Researched by 15 sites
soil chemistry Researched by 13 sites
forest ecology Researched by 12 sites
climatology Researched by 12 sites
sort ascending
ecosystem parameter Researched by 28 sites
atmospheric parameter Researched by 26 sites
soil parameter Researched by 24 sites
biological parameter Researched by 19 sites
water parameter Researched by 19 sites
precipitation intensity Researched by 16 sites
wind speed Researched by 10 sites
wind direction Researched by 10 sites
air temperature Researched by 10 sites
ecosystem structure Researched by 9 sites




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