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The majority of the UK's Long-Term Ecosystem Research sites are part of the multi-agency UK Environmental Change Network (ECN). These are complemented by additional research and monitoring sites operated by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), and the Cairngorms National Park Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) platform. The ECN is the UK’s long-term, site-based environmental monitoring and research (LTER) programme. The network, which was launched in 1992, comprises sites spanning the UK, at which regular measurements are made (following a set of standard protocols) of plant and animal communities and their physical and chemical environment. The ECN long-term datasets, which are centrally managed and made freely available to users, enable greater understanding of the effects of climate change, air pollution and other environmental pressures on UK ecosystems. The core of the ECN is a set of terrestrial sites, with additional data obtained from freshwater sites. ECN is centrally managed by CEH. The additional CEH sites are internationally-known locations such as Whim Bog, Conwy and Plynlimon. They are the focus for a range of long-term ecosystem studies. The Cairngorms National Park LTSER platform is the UK's first LTSER. It is a partnership aiming to encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary studies to enhance social, economic and ecological knowledge relevant to the sustainable management of the park. The ECN and CEH sites included in the UK LTER collectively cover a wide range of upland and lowland habitats including moorland, chalk grassland, woods and forests, farmland, small ponds and streams, large rivers and lakes.


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ecotoxicology Researched by 1 sites
natural history Researched by 1 sites
restoration ecology Researched by 1 sites
economy Researched by 1 sites
forest hydrology Researched by 1 sites
successional dynamics Researched by 1 sites
life history theory Researched by 1 sites
vegetation history Researched by 1 sites
aquaculture Researched by 1 sites
ethics Researched by 1 sites
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species turnover Researched by 11 sites
tree diameter Researched by 11 sites
cation exchange capacity Researched by 11 sites
dissolved organic phosphorus Researched by 11 sites
tree height Researched by 11 sites
dissolved organic nitrogen in soil Researched by 11 sites
net radiation irradiance Researched by 11 sites
snow depth Researched by 10 sites
tree diameter at breast height Researched by 10 sites
runoff amount Researched by 10 sites




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