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Title Country LTER Member Network Accreditation Status by LTER Member Networksort descending
Hohes Holz, Germany - Germany Germany Germany (LTER-D)
Lake Druksiai - Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania (LTER-Lithuania)
Estación Atacama UC - Oasis de Niebla Alto Patache - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Nacetin forest research plots - Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech LTER (CZ-LTER)
Las Cruces Biological Station - Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica (CRLTER)
Curonian lagoon biosphere polygon - Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania (LTER-Lithuania)
Karkonoski National Park - Poland Poland Poland (LTER-Poland)
Estacion de Investigaciones Marinas - Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela (ecored)
BR_Fazenda_Miranda-Brazil - Brazil Brazil Brazil (LTER Program)
Kuandaushi - Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan (TERN)
Cepkeliai State Strict N. Reserve and the Katra River - Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania (LTER-Lithuania)
Centro de Investigación y Educación Parque Katalapi - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Climate-Ecological Observatory for Arctic Tundra: Svalbard - Norway Norway Norway (LTER Norway)
Ketenisse - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
Estacion Biologica La Selva - Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica (CRLTER)
PELD Tanguro Ranch - Brazil Brazil Brazil (LTER Program)
Estacion Cientifica Parupa - Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela (ecored)
BR_Baia_das_Pedras-Brazil - Brazil Brazil Brazil (LTER Program)
Vilsandi - Estonia Estonia Estonia (LTER-Estonia)
Centro Científico Huinay - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Tamandaré Coastal-Marine Complex, APA Costa dos Corais. - Brazil Brazil Brazil (LTER Program)
Estacion de Investigaciones Forestales El Merey - Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela (ecored)
CH-SN1-MBU - Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland (LTER-Switzerland)
Estación Patagonia de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias UC - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Tatra National Park - Poland Poland Poland (LTER-Poland)
Estacion de Investigaciones La Iguana - Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela (ecored)
CH-SN1-MCH - Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland (LTER-Switzerland)
Estación Costera de Investigaciones Marinas, Las Cruces - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Aukstaitija Integrated Monitoring Station - Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania (LTER-Lithuania)
Koh Racha Yai - Thailand Thailand Thailand (Thailand LTER)