LTER Site List

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Title Country LTER Member Network
Fengqiu Experimental Station for Agro-ecology Chinese Academy of Sciences - China China China (CERN)
Ficuzza SIC1 - Italy Italy Italy (LTER-ITalia)
Field Museum Tamakyuryo - Japan Japan Japan (JaLTER)
Finokalia Atmospheric Observatory - Greece Greece LTER Greece
Florida Coastal Everglades - United States of America United States of America United States (US LTER)
Foce Saccione-Bonifica Ramitelli (Campobasso) - Italy Italy Italy (LTER-ITalia)
Foce Trigno-Marina di Petacciato (Campobasso) - Italy Italy Italy (LTER-ITalia)
Fondek - Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia (LTER-Slovenia)
FORBIO Gedinne - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
FORBIO Gedinne Gouverneurs - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
FORBIO Gedinne Gribelle - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
FORBIO Hechtel-Eksel - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
FORBIO Zedelgem - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
Forest of Meerdaal - Belgium Belgium Belgium (LTER-Belgium)
Fray Jorge Experimental Site - Chile Chile Chile (LTSER Chile)
Fruska gora National Park (Fruska gora National Park) - Serbia Serbia Serbia (LTER-Serbia)
Fuchsenbigl - Austria Austria Austria (LTER-Austria)
Fuji Hokuroku Flux Observation Site - Japan Japan Japan (JaLTER)
Fukang Desert Ecological Research Station - China China China (CERN)
Fukuroyamasawa Experimental Watershed - Japan Japan Japan (JaLTER)
Functional Gradient of Atlantic Forest - Brazil Brazil Brazil (LTER Program)
Fundata-beech - Romania Romania Romania (LTER Romania)
Fürstenfeld (FF) - Austria Austria Austria (LTER-Austria)
Fushan - Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan (TERN)
Gameljne - Slovenia Slovenia Slovenia (LTER-Slovenia)
Gammtratten, IM-site SE16 - Sweden Sweden Sweden (LTER Sweden)
Gårdsjön, IM-site SE04 - Sweden Sweden Sweden (LTER Sweden)
Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER - United States of America United States of America United States (US LTER)
Gesäuse National Park - Austria Austria Austria (LTER-Austria)
Gilat (GLT), LTSER Northen Negev - Israel Israel Israel (LTER-Israel)