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Title Country
Ansai Integrated Experimental Station on Water and Soil Conservation - China China
Antarctica, Livingstone Island - Bulgaria Bulgaria
Anthropic impacts on the tropical forest of central Amazon - Brazil Brazil
Apelsvoll - Norway Norway
Apo Island Marine Sanctuary - Philippines Philippines
Appennino centrale: Gran Sasso d'Italia - Italy Italy
Appennino centrale: Velino-Duchessa - Italy Italy
Appennino centro-meridionale: Majella-Matese - Italy Italy
Appennino settentrionale - Italy Italy
Araucaria Forests of Southern Brazil - Brazil Brazil
Arava Platform (ARV) - Israel Israel
Archipelago Research Institute - Finland Finland
Arctic Tundra LTER - United States of America United States of America
Arctic-alpine tundra - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Arrecifes del Pacifico Mex-LTER - Mexico Mexico
Asa Field-research Infrastructure (LTER) - Sweden Sweden
Ascania-Nova - Ukraine Ukraine
Ashiu Forest Research Station - Japan Japan
Ashoro Research Forest, Kyushu University - Japan Japan
Asko Laboratory, Himmerfjarden, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre (LTER) - Sweden Sweden
Atlantic Forest and Lacustrine System of the middle Rio Doce - Brazil Brazil
Atlantic Forest Remnants in Goiás State - Brazil Brazil
Augustendorf intensive forest monitoring site - Germany Germany
Aukstaitija Integrated Monitoring Station - Lithuania Lithuania
Avala and Zavojica - Serbia Serbia
Avdat (AVD) - Israel Israel
Awajishima - Japan Japan
Aya research site - Japan Japan
Bab - Slovakia Slovakia
Babiogórski National Park - Poland Poland