TERENO - Bode catchment - Germany

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TERENO - Bode catchment

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The hydrological research within the Harz/Central German Lowland Observatory is concentrated in the catchment area of the river Bode (catchment size approx. 3.300 km²). The detection of scale dependencies in flowpaths, run-off generation or residence times requires scale-related approaches of observation. Therefore, a nested approach including small process plots (< 2 km²), meso-scale subcatchments (approx. 100 km²) up to the scale of the complete Bode catchment will be established. A more detailed description of the hydrological observatory and the several intensive test sites can be found at www.tereno.net.

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300 000.00ha

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Integrated, Interdisciplinary Long-Term Monitoring of climate change/land use change impacts on the terrestrial environment

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Latitude: 51.861700000000
Longitude: 11.258500000000

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