Rodents-Predators relations - Abundance - from 1989 to 2018

Basic Information
The aim of this 20-year study is to describe the effects of large variations of grassland vole populations on their predator communities and of the long-term increase in the fox population in such system.

Monitoring covers mountain water vole populations in the Doubs and Jura departments annually since 1989 (commune resolution); since 2004 spotlight counts (foxes, hares, etc.) based on a network of 472 transects in the Doubs department; index transects for montain water vole from 1990 to 2000, montain water vole, common vole and mole since 2014, in Spring and Autumn, mostly in the following communes: Levier, Septfontaines, Evillers, Le Souillot, Chapelle d’huin, Bulle, Chaffois et Bannans. From 1999 in the ZELAC (Zone expérimentale de lutte anti-campagnol, Sombacour and Bians-les-Usiers communes) and since 2005 in the CLAC (Charquemont lutte anti-campagnols, Charquemont, Les Écorces, Fournet-Blancheroche communes). Since 2016 in the ZERRAC (Zone Expérimentale de Régulation des Rongeurs en Agriculture de Conservation, communes of Annoire, Chemin, Petit-Noir, Saint-Aubin, Saint-Loup, Tavaux).
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