LTER Rofental, Austria, Vernagtferner Basin - Vernagtbach station, Hydrological and meteorological records 2002 - 2012

Basic Information
In November 2001, two separate Campbell loggers ("Meteologger" and "Hydrologger", both type CR23X) were installed at the Vernagtbach site in the Oetztal Alps, Austria (Latitude: 46.85; Longitude: 10.82; Elevation: 2640 m). On these loggers, 10-minutes centred averages for the meteorological data and 5-minutes centred averages for the hydrological data are recorded. The meteorological parameters comprise air temperature, humidity of the air, air pressure, four radiation components, wind direction and speed, precipitation and snow height. For air temperature, two records are published, recorded with a ventilated and an unventilated Pt-100 in a Stevenson screen; for precipitation, three time series are available: (I) the cumulative record of a weighing gauge for the whole year, (II) single events derived from (I), and (III) single events from a tipping bucket; (II) and (III) are only provided for the period 1, May to 31, October of each year.
Wind records are also given with a time step of one hour, as only these records include several statistics of speed and direction.
Hydrological parameters are recorded on the "Hydrologger", they comprise water stage, discharge, water temperature and electrolytic conductivity of the water. An identifying number gives the kind of instrument used in the water stage time series.
Daily photographs of the glacier are provided and analysed with respect to precipitation type.
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