Alpine grassland diversity

Basic Information
The data presented here involves percentage cover of plant species (excluding lichens), litter, deadwood, bare soil, rocks, gravel and water inside nine 20 m by 20 m plots that were subdivided into 100 2 m by 2 m subplots. The nine plots cover three vegetation subtypes (‘pure’ natural grassland, sparsely vegetated ‘rocky’ grassland, and wetland) in each of three valleys (Bardoney, Colle de Nivolet and Levionaz) in Gran Paradiso National Park (Italian Alps) between 2200 and 2700 meters a.s.l. The vegetation survey was conducted at the peak of the yearly vegetation developement during August 2015. The plots’ boundary lines were North-South and East-West aligned according to UTM coordinates. The GPS coordinates of the plots’ corner points are given in the reference system WGS 84.
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