Spain02 trends for SE Spain: gridded precipitation, temperature and combined indices (1970-2007)

Basic Information
Trends in the seasonal and annual values of precipitation, temperature and combined daily indices have been assessed from 1970 to 2007. The dataset consists of precipitation and temperature for 113 grid points in southeast Iberian Peninsula, with a resolution of 0.2º both daily and monthly basis. It was developed from main AEMET stations in Spain using kriging algortihms (Herrera, S., Gutiérrez, J. M., Ancell, R., Pons, M. R., Frías, M. D., & Fernández, J. (2012). Development and analysis of a 50‐year high‐resolution daily gridded precipitation dataset over Spain (Spain02). International Journal of Climatology, 32(1), 74-85). This work allowed discovering distinct local/regional signals in SE Spain. Some of these climatic changes seem partially linked to important land use and land cover changes undergone in the region and should have had significant impacts on ecosystems functioning.
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