50 high mountain lakes of the Sierra Nevada

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Sierra Nevada, situated in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula within Spain, spans the provinces of Granada and Almería. This mountain range extends over 2,273 square km and reaches its highest point at 3,479 meters a.s.l. at the Mulhacén summit. Due to its southern European location, proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and considerable elevation, Sierra Nevada boasts a diverse range of climatic conditions, encompassing five of the six bioclimatic zones found in the Mediterranean region, ranging from the thermo-mediterranean to the crioro-mediterranean. The Sierra Nevada Natural Area boasts an extensive hydrographic network, comprised of rivers, streams, and high mountain lakes, primarily nourished by the snowmelt from its towering peaks. This dataset covers high elevations shallow lakes of glacial origin located between 2,700 and 3,100 meters a.s.l., on small catchment areas above treeline characterised by metamorphic siliceous bedrocks, poorly developed soils and steep topographic gradients.
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