Gealog NTC Temperature Sensors at R-M1971_WS

General Information
Sensor Type
several of these sensors are used at weather station "R-M1971_WS" for measurement of soil temperature and air temperature under cushion of Saxifraga oppositifolia.

technical description:

Gealog NTC Temperature Sensors (Logotronic)

The Gealog NTC Temperature Sensors are based on a high precision NTC-Thermistor network sensing element. This sensor element is built in in different enclosures depending on the application of the temperature sensor. Ready available types are:

> Gealog NTC Air Temperature Sensor For this type the sensing element is enclosed in a very small measuring tip to realize a fast response time.

> Gealog NTC Soil Temperature Sensor This type has a robust, watertigth enclosure and can be buried in the soil. It is used especially for soil temperature measurements in different depths.

Measuring parameter/precision
> Sensor element: Precision NTC-Thermistor network, consisting of 2 parallel thermistors.
> Standard measuring range: -50°C to +60°C (also other ranges available on request within the overall range of -60°C to +80°C)
> Uncertainty: +/- 0,1K
> Resolution: infinite
> Response time:
- Gealog NTC Air Temperature Sensor T66 < 10 sec
- Gealog NTC Soil Temperature Sensor: T66 < 60 sec

> 3-Wire NTC-Thermistor network for use with any Gealog Measuring Interface with inputs for NTCs.

Power supply
> Passive sensor element

> Sensor cable:
- Logotronic product code: Cable PUR 3*0.25 mm2 Shielded
- Standard length: 5 m (Please specify other cable lengths on order), delivery with loose ends
- UV resistant - For use in open air - PU jacket, 3 x 0.25 mm2 - Color code DIN 47100
- Outer diameter: 4.7 mm

Further Information upon request

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