Mondsee catchment - University of Salzburg - Austria

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Mondsee catchment - University of Salzburg

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Mondsee catchment

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The 248 km2 Mondsee catchment, close to the Austrian city Salzburg, is located at the border between the European Alps and the hilly alpine foreland with a dozen of mid-sized lakes. The grassland and forest dominated catchment is characterised by a very dense river system of approximate 2 km/km2 (490 km rivers and ditches), embedded in steep slopes and heavy soils causing fast surface runoff, especially during extreme weather events (thunderstorms, snow melting). Due to the fast response time, villages like Thalgau along the Fuschler Ache, or St. Lorenz close to Lake Mondsee are at risk of being flooded. During extreme events wide floodplains trigger nutrient runoff, causing a water quality challenge for Lake Mondsee. The current trophic status of Lake Mondsee is oligo-mesotrophic, but it repeatedly failed to reach the 'good ecological status' requested by the European Water Framework Directive.

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24 800.00ha

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The purpose of this side considers the consequences of climate change and extreme weather situations on the Mondsee. Specifically the phosphorus loads into the Mondse from different surface water bodies and direct surface runoff are under consideration. Furthermore, transdisciplinary studies foresee the general develpment of the landscape as study subject.

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