The mountain station "Chornohirskiy geographical station" - Ukraine

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The mountain station "Chornohirskiy geographical station"

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"Chornohirskiy geographical station" (CHGS) by Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU) is located at the upper part of the Prut river basin, at 17 km from the town Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region and is within Carpathian National Nature Park (48˚10̍ .45 N; 24˚34̍.32 E). The station was founded in 1978 and is in operation by now.

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Perform regular meteorological observations at meteorological site and also hydrological, phenological and monitor researches.

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Chornohirskiy geographical station (CHGS) has been founded by Professor and Head of the Department of Physical geography Gavrilo Miller in 1978. Since then CHGS became the scientific and educational basis for Geography faculty. It also serves as a testing site for stationary and semi-stationary functioning and dynamics studies of geosystems. CHGS is a venue for field practices for students in the Natural Sciences and Tourism and the basis for execution of degree and master works. Scientific seminars and conferences of national and international leves regularly hold at CHGS. Since 2000 CHGS held: the day and the night of meteorological observations at two Meteorological Playgrounds (open and forest); hydrological observations on the River Prut and its tributaries; phenological observations at three sites; geomorphological study of fluvial processes, lane erosion and landslides; anthropogenic load on landscapes. Since 2001 monitoring observations of geosystems have started, and in 2005 scientific laboratory for landscape monitoring was established. In 2013, Pavlo Shuber together with colleagues from the University of Wrocław (Prof. Dr. Hab. Jary Zdzisław, Dr. Hab. Piotr Owczarek, Dr. Mieczyslaw Sobik) had conducted joint studies of the dynamics of climate and environmental impacts by dendrology method in the landscape of Chronohora.

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  • CHGS
  • Meteorological Playgrounds (open)
  • Meteorological Playgrounds (forest)
  • Automatic weather station
  • Hydrological observations on the River Prut
  • Hoverla, 2061 m


Latitude: 48.179722000000
Longitude: 24.575555000000

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