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PLANNED (as of August 2016) regular monitoring activities of the Park's Natura 2000 habitats are specified in the new Park Protection Plan (currently in the final project stage, pending final approval and implementation resolution by the Minister of Environment). They'll altogether comprise 19 bird species, 8 mammal species (incl. 2 sp. of bats, wolf, brown bear, lynx, Tatra marmot, chamois), 2 amphibian species and 2 invertebrate species (beetles). Methodology-wise, depending on the species, they'll be conducted as 1 to several monitoring rounds/inspections performed annually or at several-year intervals, in most cases in a season-dependent manner, and will involve various, species-specific methods (field observations, tracking, transect counts, site inspection, counting/inventory of nests, colonies or dens/burrows, analysis of habitat area or condition, genetic sampling, etc. etc.). For the purpose of the Park's Protection Plan, nature inventory and assessment of the current state of conservation of the above-mentioned species was conducted and indicated by FV or U1 (no U2s or XXs, luckily) with respect to 3 parameters: population, habitat, future prospect - plus the cumulative value. The data may be available at the Park.


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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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