Tatra National Park (Poland) - on-going nature monitoring - animals

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Regular monitoring activities of the Park's fauna has so far comprised 3 bird species: the golden eagle, peregrine falcon and capercaillie, and 3 mammal species: the Tatra marmot, the chamois, and the brown bear. GIS data layers collected on marmot colonies, preferred areas of occurrence of the chamois (and its range above tree line), as well as roaming areas and occurrence of brown bears (as well as of bear-human conflict hotspots). For birds, spottings, areas of occurrence, number of nesting individuals were monitored. This monitoring will be continued and expanded (to include more species of Community Importance) in a new, currently implemented Park monitoring regime under the new Park Protection Plan (to enter into force soon, as of August 2016).

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Upon individual arrangements with Park HQ and upon a data sharing license - please see appropriate section of the site profile at this website.
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