The Upper Paraná River Floodplain - Brazil

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The Upper Paraná River Floodplain
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community changes
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The chosen area is located in the last stretch of the Parana River in Brazil without reservoirs. However, the whole dynamics of this ecosystem is influenced by the operation of a large number of reservoirs located upstream. These reservoirs also contribute to oligotrophization of the floodplain, and promote changes in the hydrological level of the river, reducing the intensity of the flood pulse and, especially, increasing the frequency of smaller pulses. These changes affect also the connectivity between the environments of the floodplain, supporting the concept of Discontinuity Serial in floodplain rivers. The reservoirs also represent propagule sources of non-native species, causing environments located downstream of these reservoirs become more susceptible to invasion. Space large-scale events and time, such as those related to the El Niño - Southern Oscillation also strongly influence the dynamics of ecosystem processes in the floodplain and are not counteracted by existing dams in the basin, unlike the seasonal flood pulses and annual recurrence.
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The aims of the project are (i) inventorying biological diversity and detect long-term patterns in the structure of populations and biological communities in different environments; (Ii) evaluate the effects of anthropogenic activities and climate events on these standards and the transparency of the water and nutrient concentration; (Iii) evaluate the effects of the proliferation of non-native species on populations and indigenous communities; (Iv) create conceptual models on the temporal variation of the biological communities and suggest the determinants of community structure over the 20 years; (v) promote the integration between the University and the local community, in view of building actions and environmental education strategies, and (vi) information necessary to the ecological zoning and environmental management for the Environmental Protection Area of the islands and floodplains of Rio Parana and the improvement of the management plan of the State Park Wetlands Ivinhema river.
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