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Danby Beck
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United Kingdom
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Situated in the North York Moors, Danby Beck was added to the Network in 2011, when systematic chemical and biological sampling commenced. Surface water acidity data however has been collected since 1990 by Environet, a local volunteer group. The long-term historic pH record plus the site's geographical location in an area of high acid deposition, not originally represented within the original UK Acid Waters Monitoring Network, led to the decision to incorporate Danby Beck into the network. Danby Beck is a sub-catchment in the headwaters of the River Esk. The 77 hectare Danby Beck catchment lies between an elevation of 299m at the sampling point/biological survey section and an altitude of 432m at the trig point to the south east. The site is highly designated. Both the Beck and the catchment lie within the North York Moors SAC, SPA, SSSI and National Park. The catchment also falls within the North York Moors Upland land Management Initiative, a Catchment Sensitive Farming area and is under Entry plus Higher Level Stewardship.
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UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network (UWMN_26)The affiliation of this site with "UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network" is not verified by the network on DEIMS-SDR.
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