Mar Piccolo of Taranto phytobenthos biomass 2011-2019

Basic Information
Biomass data (g fw m-2) of macrophytes collected in 5 stations in the Mar Piccolo in the period spring 2011-winter 2019.
Presence of species is indicated by 0,01 value

This data set includes biomass values of phytobenthic species, mainly seaweeds, recorded in the Mar Piccolo of Taranto in the years 2011-2019. Seasonal collection campaigns have been carried out in four stations and three replicates were collected for each station. Starting from 2016 a fifth station was analyzed (40°30'03.15"N; 17°18'30.99"E) . For station 1-4 location see (Petrocelli A., Cecere E., Rubino F. 2019. Successions of phytobenthos species in a Mediterranean transitional water system: the importance of long term observations. Nature Conservation 34: 217-246).
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - 08:44
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Petrocelli A., Portacci G., Cecere E. Mar Piccolo of Taranto phytobenthos biomass from 2011 to 2019
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