Conductivity in LTER-Europe research site: Lake Paione Superiore (1984-2013)

Basic Information
Dataset provides information about conductivity determined at 20°C (in µS cm-1) in Lake Paione Superiore(LPS) at different layer depths collected at least twice per year(late summer/autumn) during the period 1984-2013. In total 283 records of conductivity in LPS for the period 1984-2013 are uploaded. The range of the parameter is from 5,44 to 16,69 µS cm-1(±1,62). The ongoing studies of the water chemistry of Paione lakes aimed at monitoring their recovery from acidification and/or possible responses to climate warming. The Paione lakes (Inferiore and Superiore) are an example of acid-sensitive environments which began in the 1990s to show signs of recovery, with an improvement in pH values and alkalinity and a decrease in sulphate concentrations in response to atmospheric loads.
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