afo_04: Obergurgl, AT, grazing_exclusion, diaspores 2009, coverage, vegetation

Basic Information
Data contains parameters to show seedling-differences of grazed and ungrazed alpine and subalpine grasslands. Fences for grazing exclusion were established in 2000. Presented data confers to sampling in 2009. On permanent plots of different sites in Obergurgl, seedlings of different species were counted per plot, stand height was measured per plot and different coverage data was recorded. Additionally vegetation records were made on each sampled plot. Each site contains 6 permanent plots (3 Ex + 3 Co), one permanent plot has a size of 1 m². Ex = Exclosure site (ungrazed plots, plots within fences to exclosure grazing), Co = Control site (grazed plots, plots outside the fences).
Data have been used for analysis and publications for the research center Berglandwirtschaft, Innsbruck.
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