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This field site is located in the Nature Conservancy's Oka’ Yanahli Preserve, which protects nearly 3,600 acres of native prairie and is along one mile of the Blue River in Southern Oklahoma. According to the Nature Conservancy, "the Blue River basin encompasses a variety of freshwater ecosystems, from rolling limestone prairies to oak forests in granite canyons to bottomland hardwood forests. An astonishing array of plant and animal species depend on a healthy, sustainable Blue River basin, including the Blue River subspecies of orangebelly darter, orangethroat darter and least darter; ringed crayfish; rabbitsfoot mussel; chatterbox orchid; bald eagle, prothotary warbler and dozens of species of migrating birds. Seaside alder, found only in three widely disjunct parts of the United States—and arguably the rarest tree in North America—is more abundant on this river than anywhere else. It is also a critical source of water for human needs. In addition to providing for agricultural needs, the river sustains the city of Durant. Ranked the fastest growing rural city in Oklahoma, Durant is home to Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the headquarters of the Choctaw Na!on of Oklahoma. Oka’ Yanahli [oh-kuh yuh-naw-lee] means 'flowing water' in Chickasaw." Their conservation efforts include restoration and protection of the Blue river to improve flow patterns and increase the sustainability of the wildlands that surround the river. Please note that although this field site is geographically located in D08 Ozarks complex, the vegetation and stream characteristics of BLUE most closely align with the characteristics of D11 Southern Plains - therefore this site is part of NEON's D11. Total data products planned for this site: 70
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River at Blue
River at Blue
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