The development of DEIMS-SDR has been funded by European Union research projects:

e-shape (Grant agreement ID: 820852)

  • Maintenance
  • Development and implementation of locations concept
  • Extension of REST-API (locations)
  • Revision of the site data model
  • Implementation of climate charts
  • Extending site map

eLTER PLUS (Grant agreement ID: 871128)

  • Maintenance
  • Extension of REST-API (query functionality)
  • Development of DEIMSpy
  • Implementing additional QA measures (extending

eLTER PPP (Grant agreement ID: 871126)

  • Maintenance
  • User support

ENVRI-FAIR (Grant agreement ID: 871126)

  • Researching and comparing other site data models
  • Revision of the site data in order to increase interoperability