LTER specific information

List of required fields for any LTER site

(ILTER or any regional group)

Name and Description

  • Site Name
  • General Site Description

Contact Details

  • Site Manager
  • Metadata provider

Geographic characteristics

  • Centroid Coordinates
  • Country
  • Elevation (From)
  • Elevation (To)
  • Size (in hectares)

Observed properties

  • Observed properties

Ecosystem and Environmental Characteristics

  • Air Temperature: Average Annual
  • Biome
  • Ecosystem and Land Use
  • Precipitation Annual

Network Affiliation

  • Affiliation
  • LTER Site Code
  • LTER Member Network

Status and History

  • Site Status
  • Year Established

Type, Design and Scale

  • Site Type (Spatial Design)
  • Scale of Observation
  • Design of Observation
  • Scale of Experiments
  • Design of Experiments


  • Accessible All Year
  • Permanent Operation


  • Permanent Power Supply

Data Sharing Policy

  • General Data Policy

Project related fields

  • LTER Site Classification/Category

Highly recommended, but not mandatory

  • Short name
  • Site Boundaries
  • GEO-BON Biome