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The Healy (HEAL) terrestrial field site is located on public land managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park and Preserve and just outside the tiny town of Healy, Alaska. This is an "Upland Tundra" ecosystem positioned above the tree line in the foothills of the Alaska Range. As a result of the elevation, the ecosystem is more similar to the Arctic Tundra, with a few stands of spruce in an otherwise treeless environment and continuous permafrost. HEAL covers 54.2 km2 (17.5 square miles) and includes a 26' meteorological/flux tower and in-ground soil sensors. For observational field sampling, there are 30 tower base plots established in the tower's airshed, and 30 more distributed base plots, and several bird and mammal grids and tick and mosquito collection plots across the field site. Total data products planned for this site: 114
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GERIThis site is a verified "GERI" member.
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Caribou by the HEAL tower
Caribou by the HEAL tower
Mt. Healy to south
Mt. Healy to south
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Latitude: 63.87569 Longitude: -149.21334

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