LTSER Zone Atelier du Bassin de la Moselle - Vosges Acidification Observatory

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Historically, the ecosystems of the Vosges mountains have been severely acidified by decades of acidic atmospheric deposition. Acid pollutants have degraded the quality of soil and water, caused forest dieback and a drastic loss of biodiversity in rivers. Since the 2000s, emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides have decreased in Europe and the Vosges. Signs of spontaneous restoration and improvement in water quality have been observed. However, responses from aquatic ecosystems remain heterogeneous due to widely varying environmental factors.
In this context, in 2002, LIEC and INRAE-BEF, in partnership with the ONF, founded an acidification observatory. LRGP joined the observatory in 2011. This fits into the themes of the Zone Atelier du Bassin de la Moselle. The observatory consists of 16 streams, draining forest watersheds on sandstone and granites at very different altitudes. The surface water is sampled every month from the outlet of each of the watersheds and analysed for major cations and anions, aluminium, silicium, pH, conductivity and dissolved organic matter.
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