Baileux - La Sormone - Belgium

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Baileux - La Sormone

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The site comprises 4 plots installed in an oak and beech forest of 60 ha: 2 plots are in pure stands dominated either by oak (1.22 ha) or by beech (0.88 ha) and the two other plots are in mixed stands of contrasted densities (1.05 and 1.75 ha). All the stands are close to each other and are in very similar ecological conditions.

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On this experimental site, several studies were conducted by the catholic university of Louvain to understand how tree species mixture affects the ecological processes regulating the main carbon, water and nutrient fluxes. In addition, monitoring activities are carried out regularly. This is also a test site used for calibrating and evaluating the HETEROFOR model (a spatially-explicit and individual-based model describing tree growth and resource use - solar radiation, water and nutrients - in heterogeneous forests).

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Latitude: 50.025461000000
Longitude: 4.402202000000