General Information
Description of Network
ILTER enables better understanding of ecosystem processes and the services they provide to society around the globe. It comprises 39 Member Networks, most are national LTER networks. Combined, ILTER encompasses >750 research sites covering a broad range of biomes, ecosystems, and land management practices. ILTER supports ongoing strategic development and engagement with networks and infrastructures in response to Environmental Grand Challenges.
Observed Properties
ecosystem parameter Researched by 645 sites
biological parameter Researched by 451 sites
atmospheric parameter Researched by 441 sites
water parameter Researched by 438 sites
soil parameter Researched by 381 sites
precipitation intensity Researched by 289 sites
ecosystem structure Researched by 239 sites
Site Map
Covered Biomes

*This page is generated automatically using the available information in DEIMS-SDR describing the sites in this network/RI. Sites that are not documented on DEIMS-SDR are not featured on this page. We cannot therefore guarantee that this page will always reflect the actual list of sites for the network/RI.