Lower Lough Erne - United Kingdom

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Lower Lough Erne

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United Kingdom

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UK ECN site. The shallower regions of Lower Lough Erne (109.5 km2), present an example of a flooded drumlin landscape which has created an intricate mosaic of land and water. As a consequence of differences in depth and area, the water retention time of the Lower Lough is four months. The phytoplankton abundance in the deep open water of the Lower Lough is more typical of a mesotrophic water body despite comparatively high phosphorus concentrations (58 mg P l-1, 2017). The paucity of phytoplankton in this region is attributed to a high back-ground light attenuation from the peat-stained water and the greater depth of the mixed water zone (>35 m). The lake supports a fish population dominated by the introduced roach, as well as pike, perch, bream, trout and pollan. The Zebra Mussel is a relatively recent introduction (1996) which has impacted significantly on the lake ecology. Water monitoring is undertaken at the deepest portion of Lower Lough Erne.

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14 400.00ha

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Freshwater lake water quality monitoring and research. Roach was already well established when the long term monitoring on Lough Erne commenced in the early 1990s. Since then the lake has undergone considerable change. Zebra mussels and most recently Bloody Red Shrimp have invaded the lake and continue to alter the lake’s ecology.

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  • View over Lough Erne
  • Research vessel on Lough Erne
  • Building and jetty on shore of Lough Erne
  • View from boat on Lough Erne


Latitude: 54.466700000000
Longitude: -7.816670000000