Agulhas System Climate Array - South Africa

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Agulhas System Climate Array

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South Africa

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The ASCA shelf and tall moorings extend 200 km offshore of Hamburg just south of East London on the East coast of South Africa, along the decending TOPEX/Jason satellite ground track # 96, through the core of the Agulhas Current, with Current- and Pressure-recording Inverted Echo Sounders (CPIES) measurements extending the array to 300 km offshore. There are two shelf and seven full-depth tall moorings, interspersed with five CPIES, measuring pressure, current velocities, temperatures and salinities.

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General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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30 000.00ha

Purpose of Site : 

For long-term observations of the Agulhas Current

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The Agulhas System Climate Array is an international oceanographic project with partners from South Africa, the US, and the Netherlands, and funding support from the South African Departments of Science and Technology (DST) and Environmental Affairs (DEA), the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Royal Dutch Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ). It is designed to provide long term observations of Agulhas Current volume, heat and salt transport and its variability from mesoscale (eddies), through seasonal to interannual timescales.

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  • ASCA Mooring Array (figure by Prof Lisa Beal, University of Miami)
  • Inverted Echo Sounder (CPIES) (photo by Shane Elipot, University of Miami)
  • ASCA instruments on board the Algoa research vessel prior to deployment (photo supplied by SAEON Egagasini Node)


Latitude: -35.320972225000
Longitude: 28.404305555000

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