Research station "Roztochia landscape-geophysical station" - Ukraine

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Research station "Roztochia landscape-geophysical station"

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Roztochia lanscape-geophysical station (RLGS) by Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU) is located within the hill ridge of Roztochia which stretches in Ukraine northwest to the Poland. The station is located in urban village Bryukhovychi (49˚55̍02.3̎ N; 23˚57̍06.1̎ E), 8 km from city of Lviv and 12 km from Faculty of Geography. The station was founded in autumn 1968 and is in operation now. There is the only one station in the western regions of Ukraine that has a continuous series of day-night actinometrical and meteorological measurements.

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Perform of systematic meteorological and actinometrical observations at meteorological site and conduct researches on selected transects.

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From the founding, Prof. Bohdan Mukha is the scientific supervisor of the station. Since its early years RLGS became the basis for educational practices for students for the disciplines "Essentials of meteorology and climatology","Geophysics of the landscapes on the basics of stationary research" and the basis for execution of degree and master thesis. RLGS is also the venue for scientific seminars and conferences. Scientific international cooperation began with intercollegiate expeditions jointly conducted by Tbilisi, Moscow, Leningrad and Lviv University staff to study the conditions of winter mountain landscapes on southern mountains of the Soviet Union. The expedition lasted 12 years. Since 2002 cooperation was established with Warsaw University (J.Boryczka, M.Stopa-Boryczka, J.Wawer). A set of manuscripts was published on the trends of climate change for 50 years, forecasting climate change, and the features of topoclimate of natural systems. Cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden began with the international project "Dniester" (1998-2006) under the coordination of UNESCO. Bohdan Mukha was responsible for topoclimate research of the project. It is for this subproject German side has bought electronic registers (Tinytag Ultra – 1500) of air temperature and humidity. Using these devices the first time in Ukraine topoclimate researches were held. In 2009, signed a new cooperation agreement with the Dresden Technical University (Department of Meteorology Prof. Dr. C.Bernhofer, T.Pluntke).The agreement was part of an international project IWAS (International Water Research Alliance Saxony) Ukrainian part of which focuses on the basins of Poltva and Western Buh River in Ukraine. Based on the project’s agreement "Roztochia landscape – geophysical station"(RLGS) received in temporary use an automatic climate station Campbell Scientific CR 800 and seven electronic registers TGU-4500.

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  • RLGS
  • Meteorological station
  • Solar cell, anemometer and pyranometer
  • Study room
  • Study room
  • ravine near the station


Latitude: 49.917312000000
Longitude: 23.951682000000

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