Reservoir of Riga Hydropower Station on the River Daugava - Latvia

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Reservoir of Riga Hydropower Station on the River Daugava

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Reservoir of Riga Hydropower station (Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant). The Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant was put into operation in 1974. In order to build Riga HES, a dam was constructed across the Daugava River through the middle of Doles Sala, half of which has since been flooded to make room for Riga Reservoir. Along with Doles Sala, there have been several other smaller islands drowned in order to fill the reservoir. The dam was built in the late 1970s.
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4 230.00ha

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Investigation of long-term development of river/reservoir communities

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Riga Reservoir was built since 1966 till 1974 as the last one in the cascade of three HPPs on the River Daugava.The reservoir is the largest artificial reservoir in Latvia. It is situated 35 km from river mouth. Investigations of development and quality of the reservoir ecosystem started in 1976. Water and sediment chemical composition, planktic (bacteria, zooplankton, algae) and benthic (bacteria, protozoa, benthic invertebrates) communities were studied.

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Latitude: 56.833300000000
Longitude: 24.333300000000