Bucegi-Piatra Craiului National Park - Romania

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Bucegi-Piatra Craiului National Park

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Bucegi-Piatra Craiului

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The site is located in the south-central part of Romania, in the Bucegi and Piatra-Craiului Mts of the Southern Carpathians. Bucegi - Piatra Craiului are located in the Romanian southern Carpathians (Bucegi NP (32.500 ha) and Piatra-Craiului NP (13.800 ha). In 2003, these areas were nominated as two ILTER Sites and in 2008 as LTER - Europe sites (Bucegi - Piatra Craiului). The diversity and vast richness of Bucegi - Piatra Craiului vegetation, with many endemic species and rich fauna which includes endangered species and unique plant communities like chamois, bear, lynx and wolf were the main reasons for the natural and national park designated status of Bucegi - Piatra Craiului.

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47 270.00ha

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Two monitoring networks consisting of 22 (Bucegi - Piatra Craiului) permanent plots (LTERp) were established in 2006-2009 (Bucegi - Piatra Craiului). These plots were located within Bucegi - Piatra Craiului parks in forest zone at elevation ranging from 800 to 1800 m. They were selected by considering the criteria of species composition, age distribution, and potential exposure to trans-boundary pollution. Monitoring plots were located in representative forest ecosystems, well exposed to incoming air masses allowing good measurements of air pollution status and its effects on forest ecosystems

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  • Piatra Craiului Mountains
    Piatra Craiului Mountains / foto: Stefan Leca
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  • Bucegi Natural Park
  • Bucegi Natural Park


Latitude: 45.433300000000
Longitude: 25.333300000000