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The Northeast US Shelf (NES) ecosystem spans the Middle Atlantic Bight and Gulf of Maine, is a large portion of the NW Atlantic Shelves Province, and is in a coastal biome. The waters over the NES provide an array of ecosystem services including fishing, energy development, shipping, waste disposal, recreation, and conservation. The NES ecosystem, like other productive temperate shelf ecosystems, is characterized by strong seasonality along with high levels of variability in physical forcing at timescales from days to decades, including climate impacts.
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2019-07-02 16:10:44
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The overarching goal of the NES-LTER is to understand and predict how planktonic food webs change through space and time in response to changes in the physical environment, and how those changes impact ecosystem productivity, particularly of higher trophic levels. Observations and models will focus on processes and mechanisms that structure pelagic food webs, trophic transformations, and productivity, as well as the key interactions and feedbacks that modulate relationships among them.
The NES-LTER site formally became an LTER site starting in September 2017. The site builds on decades of existing regional observations and on-going time series from the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO), the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Pioneer Array, and NOAA-supported Ecosystem Monitoring (EcoMon) surveys.
Deploying the CTD/rosette from R/V Endeavor during the NES-LTER 2018 Winter Transect cruise EN608. Image credit: Jacob Strock, University of Rhode Island.
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