Poloniny National Park LTSER - Slovakia

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Poloniny National Park LTSER

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The area is located in north-east of Slovakia on the border with Poland and the Ukraine, in Bukovské vrchy mountains which are part of the Carpathian mountain range. It has a highland to upland character. The study area is in Snina district within the Prešov region and is part of the National Park of Poloniny and East Carpathians Biosphere Reserve. It belongs to ŕemore wilderness areas in Slovakia, remote from industrial centres and with restricted accessibility. In the year of 1980-1986, 7 villages were removed as a result of construction of the water reservoir Starina. There are currently 10 villages within the study area.

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General Characteristics, Purpose, History
  • Ďurkovec
  • Wooden church in Uličské Krivé
  • Water reservoir Starina - view from Gazdoráň


Latitude: 49.077123000000
Longitude: 22.354749000000