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North Wyke
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United Kingdom
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UK ECN site. North Wyke (latitude 3o 54’ W; longitude 50o 46’N) lies in undulating countryside 7 km to the north of Dartmoor National Park, midway between the villages of South and North Tawton. The site covers 250 ha, of which 200 ha are grassland and 50 ha are deciduous woodland at an altitude of 120 m to 180 m. A lowland grassland site typical of conditions in wetter, western Britain, with predominately impermeable clays of the Culm Measures. ECN is funded through the Rothamsted Long-Term Experiments National Capability (LTE- NCG). Details available at
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Lowland grassland agricultural ecosystem research site. North Wyke established itself nationally and internationally as a research centre for pastoral livestock systems. The research emphasis shifting from predominately agricultural production to one of more multi-functional land use taking account of the environmental implications of grassland farming. Current research at North Wyke is helping to address some of agriculture’s most pressing challenges, for example mitigating and adapting to climate change, protecting natural resources and sustaining the rural economy in grassland dominated regions. The North Wyke Farm Platform ( is a unique national and global research facility that is linked to real-world farming to study and improve grassland livestock systems.
North Wyke was an experimental farm from 1955-1981, belonging to Fisons Fertilisers, before the Grassland Research Institute acquired the site in September 1981 to study the efficiency of grassland production on heavy soils under high rainfall in SW England. A period of restructuring of research institutes resulted in the formation in the Institute of Grassland and Environmental research (IGER) in 1990. In March 2008 IGER ceased to exist and North Wyke was temporarily known as North Wyke Research before becoming part of Rothamsted Research in August 2009.
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