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Deep-sea in Sagami Bay
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Sagami Bay
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In spite of the fact that the area of Sagami Bay occupies only 0.05% of the total area of Japanese waters, the total species richness is 16.5% of the total Japanese species richness. This suggests high species richness due to the array of habitats present in Sagami Bay. The high species diversity of Sagami Bay has been recognized previously, and one of the proposed reasons for this degree of diversity is the influence of cold-water masses derived from the Oyashio Current, as well as tropical or subtropical water masses derived from the Kuroshio Current. Sagami Bay’s high reported diversity probably contains bias, because marine biologists have historically paid more attention to Sagami Bay.
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The Bay’s species diversity is relatively well characterized compared to other Japanese areas. Sagami Bay is, however, an important target area for ecosystem studies because it is greatly influenced by human impact through its proximity to big cities. We have investigated deep-sea biology and ecology using deep-sea submersibles. Data have be published by database namely Biological Information System for Marine Life: BISMaL. Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has conducted deep-sea research in Sagami Bay using the human occupied vehicles, remotely operated vihicles and deep-sea long term observatories. Deep-sea biological data such as biodiversity and distribution records have be published by database namely Biological Information System for Marine Life: BISMaL. JAMSTEC has played a role as the node for the international marine biodiversity database namely Ocean Biogreographic information System:OBIS (, which is operated under UNESCO/IOC/IODE. OBIS is an evolving strategic alliance of people and organizations sharing a vision to make marine biogeographic data, from all over the world, freely available over the World Wide Web. OBIS is tailored towards global awareness of our oceans and global contribution to knowledge about our oceans. Thus, it is extremely important that OBIS maintains its status as an ‘open-access’ database. Japanese activities including marine biological data provide to OBIS via BISMaL. Therefore, Sagami Bay data is also distributed to worldwide community. OBIS will be restarted cooperation with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility: GBIF.
Deep-sea Sagami Bay

Deep-sea Sagami Bay

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