Akkeshi-ko estuary and Akkeshi Bay - Japan

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Akkeshi-ko estuary and Akkeshi Bay

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Akkeshi JaLTER site locate along the Pacific coast of Eastern Hokkaido. It consists of various habitats such as Bekanbeushi river system, Akkeshi-ko estuary and Akkeshi Bay, which formed an ecotone connecting freshwater, brackish water and marine environment.

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General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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13 400.00ha

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Main research and educational activities in Akkeshi includes various research topics such as “Interactions between terrestrial and coastal ecosystems” and “Long-term, broad-scale dynamics of community and ecosystem functions in coastal ecosystems”. To carry on these projects, the long-term data on oceanography and marine ecosystem dynamics have been collected and analyzed in Akkeshi Marine Station, Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University.

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Latitude: 43.021000000000
Longitude: 144.837000000000