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River Salaca

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Salaca is a river in northern Latvia, Vidzeme. Salaca is anthropogenically little affected river that is situated in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, Latvia. n Salaca's drainage basin natural territories are dominating: forests (56,17%), bogs (3,77%) and waterbodies (1,88%). Arable lands are 37,5%, and urban territories 1,88% from the drainage area. It is 90 km long and flows from Lake Burtnieks to the Gulf of Riga. The river flows through three towns, Mazsalaca, Staicele and Salacgrīva. The riverbanks feature Devonian red sandstone cliffs, and many caves and rapids as well. Salaca is internationally recognized river with high biodiversity.It is he most important salmon river in Latvia.

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342 000.00ha

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Investigation of long-term ecological processes in river ecosystem on the background of climate warming and changing riverine load.

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Salaca is anthropogenically little affected river situated in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, Latvia. In Salaca chemical and biological investigations of water and sediment have been provided since 1982 more or less regularly. Last years studies are done in summer, at the end July. River ecosystem was changed due to socio-economic changes after the crash of USSR and climate change. Meteorological data is available from meteorological station Salaca-Lagaste.

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  • Salaca at Mērnieki
  • Salaca at red cliffs


Latitude: 57.800000000000
Longitude: 24.333300000000

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