Lake Kerkini National Park - Greece

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Lake Kerkini National Park
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biodiversity conservation
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water birds
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Lake Kerkini National Park is located on the north-west part of Serres Prefecture, in the region of Central Macedonia in Greece. Its unique wetland has been declared as National Park according to Ramsar Convention and it is one out of ten wetlands of International Importance of Greece. It is a Natura 2000 site coded GR1260010, GR1260008 and GR1260001. The man’s intervention caused the formation of this place. In 1932 the first dam was constructed in the waters of river Strymonas and gradually lake Kerkini took shape. The riparian plantations consisting of riparian forests of wild willows, the suspended water-lilies expanded in a surface of thousands hectares, the fish high diversity, the buffalos swimming in lake’s calm water and the great mountainous areas of Belles and Krousia give a unique grace to this land. The lake offers the ideal conditions for bird watching. It is one of the best places in Europe for natural watching of about 300 rare and protected bird species that live and breed here. It is no coincidence that many scientists and amateurs from around the world visit us every year for their research.
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2019-07-02 16:10:44
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Lake Kerkini Management Authority was found by the laws 2742/99 (OJ 207Α/7-10-1999) and 3044/02 (OJ 197Α/27-08-2002) aiming to administer and manage the area of the wetland Kerkini. It is supervised by a Board of Directors appointed by a ministerial decision of the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy. The Board of Directors consist of representatives of ministries, local authorities, professionals unions and environmental organizations. It is mainly funded from the Greek Ministry of Environment and Climate Change through the Operational Program “Environment”. The present Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mr. Savas Kazantzidis. The personnel of the Management Authority consists of 12 persons. There is a variety of scientists like foresters, environmentalists, economists and also there are wardens for the patrolling of the National Park. The actions of the Management Authority, include monitoring (environmental and anthropogenic parameters), supervision of the area of the National Park, the awareness of the local population and the operation of the Authority. The experience of the Management Authority in the field of biodiversity mainly derived from the implementation of the monitoring program and other actions. In particular, the design of the monitoring program focuses on priority species, according to the Guidelines of the Habitats and Birds Directives and the project Natura 2000 and incorporates the principles of adaptive management. The mapping of the anthropogenic activities in the National Park area, includes physicochemical and climate data and it is very important for the monitoring program.
Lake Kerkini Management Authority was found by the laws 2742/99 (OJ 207Α/7-10-1999) and 3044/02 (OJ 197Α/27-08-2002) aiming to administer and manage the area of the wetland Kerkini.
Kerkini colony early Spring
Pelican ringing
Yellow lilies
Platalea leucorodia
Pelicans fishing
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