Tatra National Park (Poland) - PLANNED nature monitoring - PLANTS

Basic Information
Activity Type
PLANNED (as of August 2016) regular monitoring activities of the Park's selected vascular plant species are specified in the new Park Protection Plan (currently in the final project stage, pending final approval and implementation resolution by the Minister of Environment). They're planned to comprise 6 rare species of Communnity Importance occurring in the Park at few locations (from 1 to 19). Monitoring activities are planned to be conducted in principle once a year, in selected cases every 2-3 years, seasonally. They'll be based on counting and controlling the sites, searching for new sites, as well as counting plant shoots (total and generative shoots).
For the purpose of the Park's Protection Plan, nature inventory and assessment of the state of the above-mentioned 6 plant species, i.e. FV or U1 (no U2s or XXs, luckily) related to (a) habitat area, (b) habitat structure and function, and (c) future prospect - plus (d) the cumulative value - was conducted and data may already be available at the Park.
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Data available for EcoPotential
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Open Data
The data at the moment (August 2016) unavailable. Monitoring activities planned to start in the near future, collected data - after processing - should then become available at the Park.
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