High resolution monitoring of hydrology (Hydrological PLSC_sensors and Waterquality_Multiparameter_sensor) in the wetland (soda pans, "Seewinkel") at Biological Station Lake Neusiedl

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High resolution hydrology recording mainly by PLSC_Sensors (measuring water level, temperature-depending on water level it is the ground air temperature or water temperature- and conductivity) but also by Hydrolab-Multiparameter Sensors (measuring temperature, oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity) for monitoring the soda pans in the vicinity of soda Lake Neusiedl. The on-line measurement of these wetland sensors in the “Seewinkel”-district are measuring at high time resolution of every three minutes. The locations of these sensors are in the soda pans, which mostly dry out at least once a year, and are as follows (in alphabetical order):
Hydrolab-Waterquality_Multiparameter-Sensor - Fuchslochlacke: N47°47.376’ & E016°51.149’
PLSC-Sensor - Fuchslochlacke: N47°47.376’ & E016°51.149’
PLSC-Sensor - Graurinderkoppel: N47°43.400’ & E016°48.148’
PLSC-Sensor - Meierhof-Lacke (Apetloner Hof): N47°43.296’ & E016°49.359’
PLSC-Sensor - Unterer Stinker: N47°48.161’ & E016°47.098’

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