LTER Zöbelboden Austria soil, soil water, soil respiration data

Basic Information
Activity Type
Soil data of LTER Zöbelboden, Austria. Soil inventory is carried out since 1992 on regular positions (approx 65) in the catchment measuring soil chemistry. Soil water chemistry is measured in forest plots (2-3) using lysimeter sampling and analyses on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. Soil hydraulic characterizations exist for the major soil types in the catchment. Soil CO2 and N2O respiration data is available for some years
Date Range
soil water content
total organic carbon
thickness of soil horizon
soil wilting point
soil texture
soil solution concentration
dissolved organic carbon in soil
dissolved organic nitrogen in soil
soil solution concentration
soil solute amount
soil respiration
soil temperature
soil pH
soil nitrate leaching
soil moisture content
soil moisture field capacity
soil water retention curve
soil water retention
soil water potential
soil water holding capacity
soil volumetric water content
soil matrix water potential
perched water table depth
percent carbon
inorganic nitrogen content
inorganic carbon content
cation exchange capacity
cation exchange capacity
carbon-to-nitrogen ratio
soil dry bulk density
soil bulk density
base saturation
soil alkalinity
soil acidity
soil parameter
percent organic carbon
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