Transetto Senigallia-Susak - Italy

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Transetto Senigallia-Susak

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Marine site

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Site of observation to analyze the inter-annual variability of the physical, chemical and biological (phytoplankton communities) characters of water masses entering and leaving the northern Adriatic Sea. It comprise an elastic beacon deployed near the coast (TeleSenigallia pylon)

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The study of the interannual variability of physical parameters, trophic conditions and phytoplankton communities represents a powerful tool for assessing the magnitude of climate change occurring. The ISMAR-CNR of Ancona, in collaboration with the Università Politecnica delle Marche collects since the end of years ‘80s physical, chemical and biological data in the transect Senigallia-Susak, with a monthly or bi-monthly frequency. Such transect is located in the southern part of the northern Adriatic Sea, in an area where the Western Adriatic Current is clearly defined and the offshore eutrophic gradient is sharp. This is an excellent observing site to analyze the phytoplankton communities and the characteristics of water masses entering and leaving the northern Adriatic Sea and their modifications possibly related to climate changes.

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Latitude: 43.700000000000
Longitude: 13.200000000000