IT16-Lagoon of Venice - Italy

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IT16-Lagoon of Venice

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The research activities in the lagoon, as well as the understanding of natural phenomena, are directed to the study of the ecological effects of the major pressures acting on the system, including which the input of nutrients from agricultural and urban sources, industrial activity and port (Porto Marghera, Venice Maritime Station, the commercial port in Chioggia), the release of pollutants accumulated in sediments, the intense traffic ships and smaller boats,, the morphological trivialization. In recent decades the Tapes philippinarum has generated problems related to collection techniques. Is focusing attention to the increasing presence of alien species both plant that animals.

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54 000.00ha

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Significant physical environmental variables - chemical and hydrological. Contamination of water and sediments. Ecology and distribution of phytoplankton, phyto- and zoo- benthos, fish fauna, avifauna. Biodiversity and Alien Species, Fishing.

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Latitude: 45.337000000000
Longitude: 12.274700000000

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